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TV-B-Gone Hack

TV-B-Gone Hack


TV-B-Gone is a universal remote control device which allows you to turn off virtually any TV.  It was originally invented by Mitch Altman from Cornfield Electronics. He worked together with Adafruit Industries on an open source kit version of the TV-B-Gone.

We hacked the TV-B-Gone kit and added lots of infrared LEDs to it.  The idea is to use it as a prank.  The infrared LED array does not allow for longer distances than the original version but it allows to turn off TVs from behind curtains and other obstacles.

For the prototype we used 60 22 degree viewing angle infrared LEDs mounted on a recycled PCB from a defective LED floodlight.  Of course you can mix 22 degree LEDs with 5 degree LEDs in order to increase the range.  The circuit runs on a power supply of about 12-18V. We used 2 lantern batteries in series successfully.

Below you will find some eagle files, gerber files and a PCB layout in PDF.  Note that the PCB layout is not tested.

If you use the device in Asia or North America, do not mount 10K resistor R14.