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IV-3 shield for Arduino

Buy Online - IV-3 shield - complete kit


This Arduino shield is capable of driving four Russian IV-3 7-segment VFD tubes.  Four 3mm LEDs provide background lighting for the tubes.

The design is completely based on through hole components, no SMD components were used.  As such, the PCB can easily be assembled by anyone who has some soldering experience.  Also, the components used are cheap and easily available.

As this was designed as a more educational, easy to build project it is not the best possible solution to drive these VFD tubes from a technical point of view.  Instead of the BC547 and BC557 transistors we could have used A2982W source drivers, or we could have replaced the transistors by a Supertex high voltage source driver IC with internal shift register. Unfortunately these may be hard to get and come very often in SMD packages.


  • Compatible with Arduino boards.
  • Drives four IV-3 VFD tubes.
  • Power supply 12V DC + 5V DC via Arduino board; a stabilized 12V supply is required.
  • Enclosure design (CAD files) available.


  • Clock.
  • Thermometer.
  • Volt meter.
  • Score board.
  • Counter.

We've created a bunch of Arduino sketches for use with the IV-3 shield. You can use these sketches as a basis for your own projects.

There's a support forum for the IV-3 shield.

IV-3 shield for Arduino

IV-3 shield for Arduino

IV-3 shield for Arduino

IV-3 shield for Arduino