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Public Software Repository - 2016-09-06


  • Swiss Server v1.0.0
  • Swiss RS-485 Control v1.0.0
  • RS-485-SPI v1.0.0
  • RS-485-I2C v1.0.0
  • SwissClient-PHP v1.0.0
  • AxiCat Server v1.3.1
  • AxiCat AVR ISP v1.0.0
  • AxiCat AL library v1.3.1
  • AxiCat Command Line Tool v1.3.1
  • AxiCat Main v1.3.2
  • AxiCat-164 Bootloader v1.0
  • AxiCat-324 Bootloader v1.0
  • EEPROM 24C v1.0.0

Source code of the software. Makefiles and project files are included so you can build the software yourself. Binaries are provided as well.

You can find documentation in directories called "doc" that are scattered around the source code.

All tar-gzip and zip files were created from a single directory structure with "public" as the base directory. You're advised to extract sources and required binaries to the same directory to recreate a repository for the platform of your choice. Simply extract to a local directory. There's no installation procedure.

We're regularly improving software and adding new code and documentation, so check it out from time to time.