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1-Wire 12V RGB LED strip controller

One wire rgb controller


  • Controls RGB LED strips up to 4A@12V per channel which equals 150W.
  • Can also be used for dimming white LED lamps or even 12 halogen bulbs.
  • 1 KHz PWM channels for flicker free operation.
  • Phase shifted (120 degrees) PWM channels to minimize total current at low PWM duty cycles.
  • 1-Wire logic based on DS2408 chip.
  • Output stage MOSFETs with very low RDSon, rated up to 80A, no cooling required.
  • 1-Wire circuit is galvanically isolated from the LED power supply to avoid possible ground bounces and ground loops which may interfere with 1-Wire bus communication.
  • 1-Wire connections via standardized RJ45 jacks or screw terminals.
  • DS2408 can be powered parasitically or via 5V wire on the RJ45 jacks.
  • Compact footprint due to the use of SMD components.
  • Microcontroller can be easily replaced if you want to experiment with your own firmware.


  • Home automation, domotics.