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Operating Systems

  • Linux armel (lots of single board computers)
  • Linux armhf (lots of single board computers)
  • Linux i486 (32-bit PC)
  • Linux amd64 (64-bit PC)
  • Windows 2000, XP and later

Single board computers include BeagleBone Black, Raspberry Pi, BananaPi, OrangePi, PandaBoard, CubieBoard, Hackberry, and many others. The software run on boards with popular ARM-based SoC (system-on-chip) series like Allwinner, Freescale i.MX, TI OMAP, TI Sitara, NXP LPC. The 1-Wire server runs well on an NXP-LPC3131 @ 180MHz. If in doubt simply try out your board with the software.

The software fully supports Windows 2000, but keep in mind that not all 1-Wire adapters work on Windows 2000.

1-Wire Automation Server

1-Wire Masters

  • AxiCat 1-Wire Master
  • DS2480B Serial to 1-Wire Controller
  • DS9097U Adapter
  • DS9097 passive serial adapter (new in v1.1.0)
  • HA7E/HA7S Adapter
  • DS2482-100 I2C to 1-Wire Controller
  • DS2482-800 I2C to 1-Wire Controller
  • AbioWire 1-Wire Adapter
  • AbioWire+ 1-Wire Adapter
  • m.nu 1-Wire Adapter
  • DS2490 USB to 1-Wire Controller
  • DS9490R/DS9490B 1-Wire Adapter
  • Flyfish FF32/FF34 1-Wire Master
  • USBMicro U401/U421/U451 1-Wire Master (new in v1.1.0)
  • Linux W1 subsystem (new in v1.1.0)
  • TMEX API (new in v1.1.0)

Intermediate Buses to 1-Wire Masters

  • Serial:
    • Linux serial (tty, USB to serial adapters)
    • Windows serial (COM ports, USB to serial adapters)
    • AxiCat UART0 and UART1
  • I2C:
    • Linux i2c-dev
    • BCM2835 BSC0 and BSC1 direct I/O (RPi A, B, A+, B+)
    • BCM2836 BSC0 and BSC1 direct I/O (RPi 2)
    • AxiCat TWI

1-Wire Slaves

  • DS2401/2411/1990A Silicon Serial Number
  • DS18S20/DS1920 Thermometer
  • DS2406/DS2407 1Kb EPROM Dual Switch
  • DS28E04-100 4Kb EEPROM with PIO
  • DS2423 4Kb SRAM with counters
  • DS2409 MicroLan Coupler
  • DS2450 Quad A/D Converter
  • DS1822 Econo Digital Thermometer
  • DS2438 Smart Battery Monitor
  • DS18B20 Thermometer
  • DS2408 8-Channel Addressable Switch
  • DS2760/2761/2762 Li+ Battery Monitor
  • DS2780 Standalone Fuel Gauge
  • DS2755/2756 High-Precision Battery Fuel Gauge
  • DS2740 Coulomb Counter
  • DS2413 Dual-Channel Addressable Switch
  • DS1825 Thermometer
  • MAX31826 Thermometer
  • MAX31850 Thermocouple
  • DS2775/2776/2781 Li+ Fuel Gauge
  • DS28EA00 Thermometer
  • DS1420 Serial ID Button
  • Axiris 1-Wire RGB Controller
  • Axiris 1-Wire Mains Switch

1-Wire Hubs

  • DS2409 MicroLan Coupler
  • Hobby Boards 6-Channel Hub
  • Hobby Boards 4-Channel Hub

Client Protocol

  • Socket-based network protocol
  • The protocol suits both interactive communication (terminal program) and programmed communication (client software)
  • UTF-8 encoded, supports full Unicode character set, possibility to stick to ASCII character set
  • Multiple, asynchronous commands and responses, optionally with sequence numbers
  • Supports owfs ROM codes (new in v1.1.0)
  • Command LIST returns 1-Wire slaves (new in v1.2.0)
  • Reporting of device nodes (new in v1.2.0)

1-Wire Automation Server GUI

  • Interactive window to 1-Wire topology: display hardware, read sensors, toggle PIOs
  • Supports full Unicode character set
  • Temperature scales: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
  • Supports owfs ROM codes (new in v1.1.0)
  • Enable/disable discovery of USB adapters
  • Enable/disable use of W1 subsystem (new in v1.1.0)
  • Inspect device nodes (new in v1.2.0)

1-Wire Automation Server Logger

  • Logs to MySQL database(s)
  • Logs to PostgreSQL database(s)
  • Logs to SQLite database(s) (new in v1.2.0)
  • Logs to text file(s), creates and appends text file, encodes as ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 Little Endian, UTF-16 Big Endian
  • Supports full Unicode character set
  • Temperature scales: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
  • Supports owfs ROM codes (new in v1.1.0)

1-Wire Automation Software Control Panel

  • Starts and stops 1-Wire server
  • Starts and stops 1-Wire logger
  • Starts and stops 1-Wire GUI (new in v1.2.0)
  • Runs programs as application
  • Installs programs as Windows service
  • Detects and displays running programs, installed services, command line parameters
  • Supports owfs ROM codes (new in v1.1.0)